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Shifting brand identity gears for Classic Car Garage


Brand Identity


Retail Merchandising, Radio Advertising

Revving up a legacy

Classic Car Garage apparel isn’t just about clothes—it’s about the soul of classic and collectible cars. We were tasked with creating a brand identity that would make car enthusiasts’ heartbeats thump wildly—a retail merchandising design that would be instantly recognisable to car collectors everywhere.

On the fast track to a timeless logo

Drawing inspiration from vintage cars’ sleek lines and classic aesthetics, we designed a logo that feels like a badge of honour for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Our distinctive blend of scripted and sans serif typefaces eloquently tells Classic Car Garage apparel’s story, driving straight to the heart of its audience. It replicates the lines of vintage cars to give Classic Car Garage its very own iconic badge.
ClothingBranded Banner v2
ClassicCar Logo animation
KarmannGhia Logo V2
MalsGarage Banner

Illustrations that capture the classic essence – to a Tee

Ok… so we had the brandmark -now the merch!

Tasked with designing the range, we delved into researching each car and its glorious history to determine the perfect illustration style. Every individual image and typographical layout needed to stay true to the era and resonate with the classic car enthusiast.

CCGA GroupAss

From script, sourcing and sound advice…

Have something to say and need it to cut through all the noise? Then we can help you promote your product on the airwaves! A well-executed radio advertisement can help increase awareness and build customer loyalty.

We listen to your objectives and write a script that stirs emotions and creates demand. From fun, to serious, to serious fun – we identify the voice your message needs to be. We source the appropriate talent, backgrounds and sonic signatures required.

StillPlaysWithCars 2230x1080
FalconT mockup 1080x1080