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Down to Earth: A ground-breaking campaign for Kubota


Brand Campaign


Social Media Campaigns, Publication Design

Kubota’s brand evolution—More show and tell.

In the wake of the pandemic, it was time to bring people together again. ‘Down to Earth’ was our answer—a publication that shifted focus from hard selling to telling varied and engaging stories about the Kubota lifestyle.
DTE SpreadMockup
EnduringLove Couple
EnduringLove spread upclose2

Publication design with heart.

We worked closely alongside Kubota’s marketing department to bring its Down to Earth magazine to life. In it, the brand takes a back seat to tales in favour of Kubota owners about living and working with a Kubota machine.
DTE animation
DTE mobile mockup
DTE Social Carousel mock

Engaging audiences through social storytelling.

We complemented the publication with a targeted social media campaign and strategy. We shared Down to Earth’s rich imagery, video content and captivating stories across multiple platforms. Carousels highlighted feature stories and promoted product categories.

Our strategic approach kept Kubota’s brand top-of-mind and highlighted the real-life joys of Kubota ownership. Supporting the publication design with a digital media strategy instantly lifted Kubota’s brand awareness, drove greater engagement, boosted traffic and fostered deeper customer appreciation.