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Brand Identity, Signage, Website Design

Mt Pleasant — where rural beauty meets urban elegance.

Picturesque rolling hills, beautiful views, and rich history —The Mt Pleasant master-planned community is the perfect mix of idyllic rural setting and today’s urban lifestyle values-a heady mix that was sure to connect with potential residents.
Mt Pleasant presented our property marketing agency team with a unique challenge: create a visual identity that resonates with its rural heritage and urban appeal. We rose to the occasion, creating a holistic design across logos, branding collateral, print media, signage, and a comprehensive website design.
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An elevated vision.

Inspired by the estate’s rolling hills, our logo design brings Mt Pleasant’s namesake to life. Its refined typography targets young families and couples, encapsulating the estate’s promise of ’a higher standard of living.’
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The topographical maps we used in our design elements uniquely communicate the estate’s scenic views and elevation. Our website design and build reimagined how potential buyers could view available blocks, scheduled releases, upcoming facilities and the area’s attractions—giving them a snapshot of just how pleasant life could be when they joined the community.

From business cards to brochures, from billboards to buses, the Mt Pleasant branding experience was everywhere… finishing at a complete sales office design and fitout!
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