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2021102 Richfield Village Showcase
2021102 Richfield Village Showcase11
2021102 Richfield Village Showcase5
2021102 Richfield Village Showcase6
2021102 Richfield Village Showcase7

Richfield Village


Brand Refresh


Brand Identity, Signage & Wayfinding, Publication Design

Rebranding Richfield. More than just a lifestyle village.

Richfield Village, an architectural award-winning haven for over 55s, desperately needed a brand facelift. Our mission? To revitalise its brand identity, transforming it to a beacon of luxury and quality.

Elegance reimagined: A new visual era.

We waved goodbye to the old, dated visual elements and welcomed a new era of elegance. The redesigned Richfield type mark now whispers prestige, and is fully aligned with the modern facilities and exquisite decor.


This rebrand wasn’t just about a new logo—it was about creating an entire suite of visually stunning materials from printed collateral to detailed signage manufacture and an updated website.