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Happily Ever Aftercare


Brand Development


Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Digital Marketing

What do you call a range of Tattoo aftercare products that Hydrates and protects, Soothes the itch and Colour enhances and moisturises? Easy…HydratINK, SoothINK, and InvigoratINK.

We reintroduced the new identity for Coconut Republic’s tattoo aftercare range – HydratINK, SoothINK, and InvigoratINK – at the Rites of Passage Festival, where it looked right at home amongst the artists and creatives. Its colour-coded system is intuitive and visually striking – soothing blue for the hydrating balm, vibrant purple for the invigorating colour lotion, and green for the healing and soothing gel. Custom typography mimics the body’s curves and a cheeky nod to traditional tattoo lettering and a colour-coded system is intuitive and visually striking-Blue for the hydrating and healing balm, Green for the soothing gel and vibrant Purple for the invigorating colour lotion.

While we were at it, our creative agency team took artistic licence with Coconut Republic’s new tattoo aftercare merchandise, fusing a cheeky mix of iconic tattoo designs and coconut motifs.