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Happily Ever Aftercare


Brand Development


Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Digital Marketing

What do you call a range of Tattoo aftercare products that Hydrates and protects, Soothes the itch and Colour enhances and moisturises? Easy…HydratINK, SoothINK, and InvigoratINK.

nightscene 2230x1080 1
Hydratink Closeup 1394x1394 1
Bus Stop 1394x1394 1
Subway 2230x1080 1
We reintroduced the new identity for Coconut Republic’s tattoo aftercare range – HydratINK, SoothINK, and InvigoratINK – at the Rites of Passage Festival, where it looked right at home amongst the artists and creatives. Its colour-coded system is intuitive and visually striking – soothing blue for the hydrating balm, vibrant purple for the invigorating colour lotion, and green for the healing and soothing gel. Custom typography mimics the body’s curves and a cheeky nod to traditional tattoo lettering and a colour-coded system is intuitive and visually striking-Blue for the hydrating and healing balm, Green for the soothing gel and vibrant Purple for the invigorating colour lotion.
Hydratink 1 1500x1500 1
InvigoratInk 2 1500x1500 1
Soothink 3 1500x1500 1

While we were at it, our creative agency team took artistic licence with Coconut Republic’s new tattoo aftercare merchandise, fusing a cheeky mix of iconic tattoo designs and coconut motifs.

PromoImage2 2230x1080 1
TattooCare 1394x1394 1
CocoSkate2 1394x1394 1
CRStickers concert 2230x1080